Eoin Woods

Software Architecture Master

Eoin Woods is master of software architecture worldwide, the co-author of the book Continuous Architecture in Practice, Software Systems Architecture. Currently, he is the Chief Technology Officer of Endava, where he guides technical strategy, oversees capability development and directs investment in emerging technologies. Prior to joining Endava, Eoin worked in the software engineering industry for twenty years, developing system software products and complex applications in the capital markets domain. His main technical interests are software architecture, DevOps and software security and resilience. He was the recipient of the 2018 Linda M. Northrup Award for Software Architecture, awarded by the SEI at Carnegie Mellon University.


*Software Architecture for a Digital Age

Software architecture emerged in the 1990s, and has been evolving ever since, from a directive, up-front activity, where a single architect created the architecture, which was then implemented by others, to today's team based adaptive architectural approaches where architecture is a shared activity owned by the entire team. In this talk we'll explore the architectural practices that deliver architecture as a "shared commons" which supports the Agile+DevOps ways-of-working needed for success in the digital age.

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