With the rapid development of information revolution, software has gone deep into all aspects of human life and profoundly and thoroughly transformed the human world. Adhering to the tenet of "Global Experts, Global Wisdom", we will invite nearly 40 technical leaders and first-line practical experts in the field of global software to discuss the newest development, best practice and innovative application in the field of software in various forms, such as keynote speech, interactive discussion, case sharing, high-end training, and jointly create a technology feast of master wisdom + practice dry goods.
Cloud-Native & Microservices
Software Quality & Efficiency
AIGC & Large Language Model
Machine Learning & AI Applications
Architecture Design & Evolution
High Availability & Performance
Web & Frontend Application
Language & Platform
Eoin Woods
Software Architecture Master
Keynote Speech:Software Architecture for a Digital Age
Eoin Woods is master of software architecture worldwide, the co-author of the book Continuous Architecture in Practice, Software Systems Architecture. Currently, he is the Chief Technology Officer of Endava, where he guides technical strategy, oversees capability development and directs investment in emerging technologies. Prior to joining Endava, Eoin worked in the software engineering industry for twenty years, developing system software products and complex applications in the capital markets domain. His main technical interests are software architecture, DevOps and software security and resilience. He was the recipient of the 2018 Linda M. Northrup Award for Software Architecture, awarded by the SEI at Carnegie Mellon University.
Previous Speakers
Martin Abbott
eBay's Former CTO
Shengbo Guo
Facebook Engineering Manager
Guanbao Yang
Technical Specialist at Alibaba
Bill Yao
Founder of PPTV, Partner of BlueRun Ventures
Fubai Zhong
Co-founder of Nebulas
Jialiang Lin
Technical Specialist at Alibaba
Haiyang Xu
Jinghang Blockchain CEO, Former Chief Architect at Baidu
Sankalp Shangari
CEO & Founder of LaLa World
Yuhai Cen
Senior Architect at
Danny Yuan
Real-time Streaming engineer at Uber
Kai Shi
Director of Big Data & AI Director at ThoughtWorks
Dong Chen
Technical Director at 360
Junjie Liang
Senior Engineer at WeChat
Ming Sun
Senior System Architect at ZTE
Salim Ali
CEO of Loyakk,Former VP of SAP
Salman Habib
Co-founder&CEO of Hellofriend
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